And So We Begin…..


This has been a long time coming, as many of you who know me can attest – my talk and lack of action and then subsequent procrastination has been lengthy (about 3 years -ish). So hence, there will be a dedication at the end of the post to the lady that galvanised me and challenged me to start this by giving me a deadline. Which is the best way I work!!!! 

So I will keep this short as the point of this blog post is to get going and there are other ideas and snippets of wisdom ahead 😉 

In short, I am a Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) and teacher (currently not full time) and began researching early years development when my first child was born. I read everything going and my first born was a willing guinea pig for me to try, the play based strategies for learning, I came across. My second child, however was not so willing…. more on that in the future. 

Where I am now is that I am still working with my own children, but in addition to this, I help other families too. I tutor children and adults, but offer support ideas to parents, on how to help with homework, how children learn to read and suitable apps to practise skills they need.

This is what this blog will essentially be about! and it’ll be place I will archive the information I have been already sharing and the place I put my new thinking/ideas and support as questions and suggestions arise.

To finish, I’d like to thank Catherine Stewart for asking me to write something for the HKHub as this is what has forced me to put my info out there on the scary big interweb.



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